Pizzeria in Perth Inspired by 70’s Style Interior Design


This swanky pizzeria is situated at the William Street in Perth, Austraila. The 145 Sq. metre space is designed by the Salvatore Fazzari of design store Mobilia who is the creative mind behind the transformation of a traditional Asian restaurant into a 70-seat pizza restaurant. They fit-out the place using everyday materials to create a lively, edgy interior that has instantly become part of the urban community.

The brief was to create a relaxed, urban space that reflects the heritage of a pizzeria while ensuring community context through design innovation. The transformation took three months and has a clean, open feel with elements of interest in raw, exposed bricks, furniture, lighting and the paste-ups, which include Italian screen sirens, Hollywood legends and Italian families in black and white, plus coloured Italian movie posters at the back of the pizzeria.

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