According to the The International Telecommunication Union, there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide (as of February 2013), which accounts to 96% of the world population. In comparison to the 6.0 billion mobile subscribers in 2011 and 5.4 billion in 2010, the figure is growing daily as consumers get bombarded by advertising campaigns exhorting them to upgrade to the latest, most fashionable model. As a result, your old mobile phone goes into the drawer or trash bin, either of which only adds up to the electronic waste.

In an attempt to address this crisis-like situation, Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has developed a modular smartphone concept called Phonebloks. The modular design features detachable electronic modules or components like Lego building blocks which are connected to the core base and secured in place with two screws. Every component has its own function, that is, Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, camera, display etc. This means that if one component does not work, you simply have to replace it with new one without having to chuk your phone in the garbage.  Sounds awesome eh!

Unlike other giant cell phone companies, Hakkens goes one step ahead to create a phone that is 100% customizable as per the end user’s requirements.  Are you into taking photos? Go for the best camera. Are you working in the ‘cloud’? Replace the storage block with a larger battery. No need for a specific function? Go back to basic and choose a top notch battery.

While some tech gurus and analysts think that Phonebloks might never work, we fully support this ‘Go Green’ initiative of Dave Hakkens and we are happy to include ourselves amongst the 9,00,000 optimistic supporters on Thunderclap.

Check out Hakken’s Phonebloks video bleow:






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