The wedding and wedding dresses industry caters for a wide range of tastes and budgets and not everyone wants a flashy event that causes a storm on Instagram, for instance.

Many brides appreciate the efforts that have gone into the design of their perfect wedding dress and also appreciate that the price tag reflects the skills required for this and also the immense amount of time it takes to make them.

As a comparison, some couture wedding dresses can cost £500,000 but they will take 6,000 hours to create which reflects the price.

While many brides may want to aspire to wearing a wedding dress like that, many will not with the vast majority opting for a wedding dress that is a fraction of that price and some will even be happy in a budget well-designed dress.

In one recent extravagant wedding there was no budget to the event so they had a top name rock band performing, a nine tier wedding cake and lots of flower walls.

The event was so extravagant the bride did not just wear one wedding dress but actually wore three incredible bridal gowns on her special day so did away with the need of finding designer evening dresses for wearing later on her special day.

One was a traditional wedding dress, the second was a famous designer’s creation with the gown having tiered lace off-the-shoulder.

There was also a third designer dress which was a spectacular fairy tale creation with the gown’s sleeves having thousands of crystals hand sewn onto them. Wedding dress experts said this dress would have been entirely handmade with each crystal taking several minutes to sew on.

This particular designer also created another incredible wedding dress that would have taken 50 people around 3,000 hours to make and featured a four metre train of Chantilly lace with pearls, mirror crystals and silk flowers.

Most of the designers tend not to reveal the cost of the bride’s gown but their creations and the ideas behind them are often on show in Paris twice year for the popular Haute Couture shows where they display a feature bridal creation though elsewhere there’s a wide of choice in designer wedding dresses, for instance, offers great choice.

For many in the industry, the Paris bridal shows are an excellent way to determine where trends are heading and to pick up ideas for future creations and there’s no doubt that wedding dresses and the designer evening dresses will end up in a bridal shop for brides in the UK to enjoy cutting-edge design and styles.


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