While on campus accommodation is not just expensive, but also limited, affordable student housing has always been scarce especially in bigger cities. In an attempt to address this issue, Johannesburg based property developers Citiq has converted the city’s unoccupied grain silos into a student housing project. Mill Junction comprises of 375 individual apartments built by installing recycled shipping containers above and on one side of the 11 storey silos. The housing unit features additional amenities like libraries, lounges, roof decks and free WiFi throughout the complex.

“”Reusing these structures often provides for an artistic and eclectic look and feel, which appeals to people wanting to establish their own individuality. This alternative development approach, as compared to traditional building methods involving bricks and mortar, has guided our more recent property acquisitions and designs.” explains Paul Lapham, CEO, Citiq

The shipping containers were lifted into place and bolted together above the silos using a heavy crane. After the completion of installation, they were given a fresh coat of paint resulting into a vibrant and colourful addition to the city’s skyline…Bold, colourful and very creative!






+ Citiq