Designed by Industrial Sculptor Paul Sandip, Mr. Chair is a curious four legged piece of ‘active’ electrostatic furniture for kids and adults who hate to grow up! Considering that play is the work of a child. This is an attempt to trigger CURIOSITY, the most important characteristic of children / creative adults and bring about this human experience through a chair. According to the designer, “The 3 attributes I choose to demonstrate were the imagination of a painter, curiosity of a scientist and the enigma of a magician. All of which were found to be as aspirations when asked to children about their future professions.”

How does it work?
The agility of hyperactive kids using this piece of furniture with all their enthusiasm would generate electrostatic energy within the polystyrene balls by just shaking the chair, which then would create a curiously delightful sight all by itself.

It comes in 3 variants:

Mr Chair by designer Paul Sandip - 04 Mr Chair by designer Paul Sandip - 03 Mr Chair by designer Paul Sandip - 02 Mr Chair by designer Paul Sandip - 01+ Paul Sandip

+ Paul Sandip Coroflot


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