Moving Art Installations and Design Materials into Place


Amongst artists and interior designers one of the biggest fears is that their installation or materials will be damaged in transit. They could be bumped or dropped being moved over curbs or lifted into trucks. There are many things an artist, or designer can do to help smooth the move of the expensive and often-delicate one-of-a kind items and ensure that they all arrive in one piece.

These are a few of the steps and procedures you can follow to ensure your art arrives unscathed at its destination.

  • Hire a professional mover – A professional mover that specializes in moving art and delicate objects is the first place to start. Insist on meeting them and inspecting all of their equipment, make sure the dock boards and other loading and unloading equipment are solid and in good shape. If you can arrange to have your installation delivered to a loading dock that is ideal. However loading docks are not always suitable for art installations and it may have to go in through a special building modification.
  • Plan to Make Your Work Disassemble – As creative people we are always good at finding a solution to various problems. The first thing that comes to mind is to plan for large pieces, canvasses and such to be simple to take apart without damaging them. There are plenty of clever and artistic ways to make a sculpture or other piece of art ready for disassembly while still hiding this fact from the public.
  • Think like the Oscars – The Academy Awards are a great example of an event where large sculptures and stage designs are commissioned for both the back stage and on stage area. All of these features are designed specifically for each award show, and many are sold to charity or given to museums after the year’s program ends. During the setup many tons of delicate objects and supplies are brought in through the building’s loading dock to set up everything from the back stage area to the red carpets out in front of the theatre.
  • Look to Public Moves – Many large public sculptures have had to be moved over the years. These large art installations are particularly difficult to move because of their size and weight, but are often moved because they belong to a particular institution and have come to symbolize it. So it becomes important in the minds of many who associate a particular piece of art with the institution that it be moved. A great example of an institution currently investigating moving a sculpture is the Irish Central Bank, and its famous golden ball. There is much discussion about relocating the sculpture to the banks new headquarters.
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