Designed by Oscar Nuñez, the Mostros (monsters) collection is born from the idea that you can create a piece of furniture for children that has the personality to generate a playful relationship between the object and the child. The pieces therefore have ears and eyes, which not only give them life and character, but provide functionality as well. Both the eyes and the ears can be used as pull tabs, which is both entertaining and useful, and would be adorable in any child’s room. The idea that children could name their furniture, or create some sort of interaction with an inanimate object, one that just happens to help keep everything tidy is not only fun for the child, but if the toys actually end up back in the toy box, the parents will enjoy it just as much as their offspring.

The collection includes a nightstand, drawers, and toy chests, and are made of lacquered mdf and ash wood. The blue colour is a perfect shade, and is pretty gender neutral, which means it could easily fit into the decor a girls or boys room. Perfect for reuse with the next kid!



+ Oscar Nunez



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