Istanbul based designer Neptun Ozis has developed the SLICES dining table that can be put together only with eight screws and made only from sustainable, natural materials, using his worldwide yacht interiors design and detail expertise.


“SLICES” dining table is a high quality, modern  furniture item based on the idea of using  natural materials with the most basic installation method possible.


The table is formed by timber components with different  thicknesses and gaps between each other. A solid marble table top is placed into grooves on the top edge of the legs. The gap sizes  between each timber components are fixed with different sized stainless steel rings, which are placed on a stainless steel rod. To keep the installation simple, all parts are held by eight screws in total and these screws hold only the stainless steel rod in place on the legs.


The marble is slided into the grooves on the table legs. For extra support stainless steel U profiles are also place in these grooves. To make the marble slide easily without any scratches, teflon plate pieces are used on top of the stainless steel profiles.


With the same design principles, extension parts  are installed on both edges of “SLICES”. The extension parts are made from two different shaped solid timber pieces which are stuck together and they sit directly into the gaps between table legs. Extensions are placed without any extra, additional tool needed and can be removed in seconds. These pieces allow the table to be used from both edges and extend the table upto 120 centimeters more.


“SLICES” can be built with various timber and marble materials that have color contrast. For exterior use solid teak with granite stone can be used. Originally “SLICES” is designed as using a matt full grain timber finish with high gloss marble, but for exterior use high gloss varnish or oil finish can be used as timber finishes.


+ Karre Design

+ Neptun Ozis

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