Designer Noa Haim and her creative team at Collective Paper Aesthetics are back with yet another creative project consisting of 100% modular cardboard stools designed for the MUDAM museum in Luxembourg. The project brief was built in collaboration with the curatorial and public programs departments at MUDAM with the aim of providing the museum with stools for elderly in guided tours and ‘building blocks’ for Popup stores at the Marché des créateurs, an annual meeting bringing together designers using different techniques and working in diverse disciplines like product, fashion and textile design, illustrations, jewellery etc held at the museum from 4th – 8th December 2013.

The designers produced 200 cardboard stools, with which three variations of display/ tables can be configured: a low one, a tall one and a tall long one. Together with the museum team, the shop was built in one afternoon. At the end of Marché des créateurs the shop was dismantled into stools, for the museum’s daily usage and the stools will be re-assembled to create shops for the next year’s event.

A minimalist design approach ensured that the visitors could focus on the display items for sale, yet creating an unique retail environment. The system was designed as an open system, to allow maximum flexibility to the participants and to enable them to adjust their own stand according to their requirements.

Individual Stools 





Installation Process





Pop-up Store





The stools were manufactured at Labro, a packaging company situated at the south of Holland.

Photo Courtesy: MUDAM

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