For me painting is an exploration, a journey. When I create, I prefer to let my natural instinct and spontaneity guide me. Sometimes the process of creation happens magically, by accident, but sometimes can takes weeks or months until the painting is finished and perfectly resonate with my inner feelings. I use mixed media because the material used in artwork has the quality to express itself and to tell the story. I love the tactile aspect of mixed media and the process of selecting the objects for my projects. I like to experiment with different mediums and my works, inspired by the nature, world mysteries and legends, suggest a duality between the abstract and figurative, between textures of mixed media and fine lines of drawing, between reality and fairy tale. My inspiration comes from everywhere: old manuscripts, cave paintings, nature, found objects or even a stain on the table. In the past time I moved from earth tones for which I feel a strong attraction being part of my Romanian roots, to an extremely broad color palette, ranging from very organic to the brightest colors of nature depending on the story I’m wishing to tell. – Artist Andrada Anghel

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