Delhi based Indian artist Kanchan Chander’s artworks are characterized by its vibrant colours and her inclination towards figurativism. Chander, whose works are in collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art in India, Fukuoka museum of Asian Art in Japan and Victoria &Albert Museum in London, received formal training from renowned art schools around the world including the Ecole National des Beaux Arts in Paris and her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows all over India and across the globe.

After having worked on women oriented themes in the 1980’s, Chander moved on to painting on salvaged wooden windows and doors. In her constant quest for exploration, she later moved on to Female torsos bedecking them with sequins, beads, laces and swarovski. Since the past few years, Chander has been concentrating on mixed media paintings, of which, ‘Frida & Me’ (Based on the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo) and ‘Hollywood Bollywood’ have been featured in this article. These artworks are kitschy kitsch and blingy – with use of sequins, swarovskis, stickers, nuts and bolts and found objects from the streets. Awesome!!

Frida & Me XXV ...17.6 X 19.6 inches.

Frida & Me XXX...17.6 X 19.6 inches

Frida & Me XXXIII ..28 X 28 inches

Frida & Me XXXV

Frida & Me XXXIV

Hollywood-Bollywood 3..  16 X 28 inches

Hollywood 3    copy


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