Luggage friendly boots for the lightweight traveller


Family owned American shoe company LEM’s (Live Easy & Minimal) business mantra “Do what is right, not what is profitable” is probably the secret behind the success of their extremely comfortable and travel friendly LEM Boulder Boot.

The LEM boulder boot is specially designed for the adventure loving, lightweight travellers.  It is made from 40% water-resistant nylon and 60% full-grain leather which keeps away the moisture. A size 43 pair of boots weighs only 9.9 0z and can be easily rolled up, which is simply awesome for stuffing into a backpack.  The boot has been designed to mirror the natural shape of the human foot.  Unlike traditional footwear products that squeeze the toes together, the LEM shoes have a toe area that allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread. In addition, the shoes can be combined with LEM’s shoe spacers called Correct Toes to help naturally spread the toes and cure many foot ailments including bunions, neuromas, and general foot numbness.

Clean design, minimalism in material and as LEM describes “a shoe that considers the foot above all else, a shoe that is flat, flexible and fits the natural shape of the foot, and that will never change!” A worthwhile addition to your shoe wardrobe…and backpack.









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