Milo is an unique glass lamp designed by Polish design studio Lightovo. Founded in 2013 in Łódź by two idealists – Industrial designer Agnieszka Janukanis and Lawyer Zuzanna Krauze, both passionate lovers of life and good design.

The name of the studio and their philosophy refers to joy and warmth which is associated with being close to light. “No matter if it’s a sunset, a rainbow or a 100 watt bulb. Light, for us is primarily a feeling, it evokes the euphoria and security we feel when it envelops us.” explains Agnieszka Janukanis.


Milo is an interior lamp with a glass shade which showcases blooming potted plants while providing them with extra light exposure. It forms a symbiotic unit of light, glass and plant. The lamp shade has two large openings that allows air circulation and makes it easy to replace or remove a plant if needed. The lamp is made with small and medium sized flowering potted plants in mind, especially ones that need large amounts of light to bloom.​


The lamp is powered by an LED light source with color temperature of 4000K, which is the almost the same as daylight. LED lights do not generate heat, so that protects the flowers from dying due to overheating.


Lightovo loves to work with Polish craftsmen for the manufacturing of their products. The studio aims at creating unique, high quality products and at the same time promote local, Polish manufacturing factories that draw inspiration from traditional methods of hand made production.


The glass elements of the lamp are manufactured in Krosno, which is well know for its quality glassware. The wooden accessories are made in Podhale, a mountain region with a tradition of woodwork. The glass and wood elements of the Milo lamp are handmade and therefore each piece is unique.


+ Lightovo

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