Ktrack Snow Bike Kit


The KTRACK Snow Bike Kit is a sweet solution designed by a Vancouver based designer for the biking addicts who just can’t live without their bikes in the snowy winters.  This snow bike kit is a must have if you live own a mountain bike and live in a cold mountainous area. Ktrack is a universal tracted rear drive kit that transforms your mountain bike into the ultimate all terrain machine. It was developed to provide traction for previously unridable surfaces such as snow and sand. So wanna go mountain biking next winters….Sounds crazy, ain’t it!.. But entirely possible with the KTRACK snow bike kit.

Check out a video below followed by some images of the KTRACK:






3 Responses to “Ktrack Snow Bike Kit”
  1. snowbikes says:

    yes, amazing !

  2. 3 Cross says:

    It would be nice if the had a ski option that would quickly mount and unmount to the front wheel. Both seem to have there advantages in differing conditions.

  3. ken smith says:

    sweet! could use that in IOWA!

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