Toba Model

Forget what you know about stoves. These Italian beauties aren’t cookers but heaters, used to warm up the house, not dinner. They’re sleek and modern and are designed to complement interior spaces. The Toba model, a steel and aluminum unit with a ceramic or soapstone front leads the parade, winning an International IF Product Design Award for its minimalist design when it was first introduced in 2011.

MCZ Group - Toba model closeup

Toba Model Closeup

These particular units burn wood pellets, an increasingly popular feedstock in Europe which has yet to catch on in North America, at least domestically. Pellet stoves are clean, efficient and less polluting than other wood burning appliances. The manufacturer, MCZ Group which headquarters outside Pordenone, northeast of Venice, has been making stoves and fireplaces for the past 60 years and was one of the first producers to introduce pellet-burners to the European market. Biomass is a growing technology and MCZ intends to be at the forefront.

MCZ Group - Lam model

Lam Model

MCZ Group - Lam model closeup

Lam Model Closeup

These stoves are mini furnaces. The smaller units draw oxygen from the room or, if a larger unit, from a vent in an exterior wall. Once the air is heated it’s released through ductwork to other parts of the home. Smaller units heat the room through convection. Filling the top-loading hopper with pellets can keep the stove going for up to five days. Room temperature can be controlled with a remote control.

MCZ Group - Ego model

Ego Model

MCZ Group - Ego model closeup

Ego Model Closeup

The company also manufactures a line of pellet stoves, called hydro stoves, that feed hot water to radiators or in-floor panels for those homes that depend on hot water for heating. Larger hydro models can fill the home’s entire hot water needs – bath, shower and washing – in addition to providing heat. Compact, elegant and with a range of colour finishes to choose from, MCZ pellet stoves are not only better looking than the typical hot water heater but more efficient too.

MCZ Group - Club model

Club Model

MCZ Group, - Club model closeup

Club Model Closeup

MCZ Group - Tube model medium shot

Tube Model

MCZ Group - Star model

Star Model

MCZ Group, - Star model closeup

Star Model Closeup

MCZ stoves are sold extensively throughout Europe and Russia and are now available in North America through distributors in Quebec and New York state.

MCZ Group


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