My work circles around the trinity of aesthetics – function – collection. I develop textiles with various techniques and take them further by combining them into collections and experimenting with materials’ qualities and function/shape. My designs are process driven where vigorous experimentation and selection are key points leading to final product. I believe in adding value to materials by following their natural abilities and providing platforms for the natural instinct of the textile.

The project is a textile collection for women’s wear made into a collection of 5 outfits. The starting point was phenomenon of two-facedness. The theme was used as a tool for finding fresh angles on the work and examined through artwork, material and shape. Balance between different elements is in the focus throughout the collection. I wanted to examine the tension between two sides of the same thing and how the balance is between the surface and the depths, outside and inside, false and true and what happens when you blend the sides.

The materials in the collection consist for example of heavy silk, silk-viscose velvet, polyester and cotton jersey, elastic rope, plastic beads and vinyl. Combining and comparing different materials with each other creates interesting tension in visual expression. The materials used in the collection have very different ways of moving, draping and folding and visually they differ from each other. The wide selection of textures creates tension but with careful combining and well thought through proportions and scale the whole has a calming balance. The materials’ qualities were altered with various techniques. Color was added by hand painting and embroidery, simple dotted patterns in outburn and laser-cutting techniques affected the materials’ weight, rigidity and tension.The tailoring is simple so that the silhouette can act as a neutral canvas for demonstrating the materials’ qualities. Also the simplicity of pattern and coloration gives the viewer space to experience the nature of the material. The main focus on the collection is in the interaction of the materials.

+ Minna Liisi Ylitalo

Photo Credits: David Stjernholm

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