Brooklyn-based design studio Young Projects has been announced as this year’s winner of the Times Square Alliance Valentine Heart Design competition for their elaborate heart-shaped sculpture. The sculpture, titled ‘Match Maker’, is an interactive installation consisting of a complex structure surrounded by the twelve zodiac signs at different points. The sculpture appears as a symmetrical heart when viewed from some angles, while it appears as tangled and perplexing when viewed from other perspectives. When the viewers peer through the colorful, interwoven periscopes positioned at their zodiac sign, they are able to get glimpses of four most ideal astrological mates, offering potential love encounters. 


Match Maker was constructed by Young Projects in collaboration with fabricator Kammetal, and was funded by Times Square Arts and Van Alen InstituteThe 2014 Valentine Heart will be located at Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets from 6th February until 11th March 2014. 


+ Young Projects