Viewed as one of the happiest places to live and with a reputation for having flawless style, it’s no wonder that Denmark’s hygge lifestyle has taken over the world in recent months.

If you somehow haven’t heard of it, then it’s time to leave your rock behind because this craze is set to stick around for a while.

Hygee doesn’t translate to one simple English word so it’s open to interpretation, but most people agree that it’s really all about the art of creating intimacy.

Focusing on cosiness, joy, charm and wellbeing, hygge enthusiasts attempt to make the ordinary special as a way of giving themselves a boost.

Creating hygge interiors

Already a major lifestyle craze, hyggehas also become a major player in the world of interior design.

But don’t worry, despite being unpronounceable, indefinable and fairly general as a lifestyle, the hygge aesthetic is much stronger and simpler to adopt in your home.

Here are a few interior design tips for adding some Scandi warmth and transforming your house into a haven of hygge goodness. Take a look.

#1: get used to muted colour schemes

Although simplicity and calm are the order of the day, don’t think that just means sticking to white tones.

You’re trying to create a warm, welcoming space, so instead go for a muted colour palette that incorporates slate greys, navy blues or deep greens. Aim for more natural tones (even resorting to exposed wooden floorboards) and you can’t go far wrong.

#2: add layers of texture

Cosy nights cuddled up on the sofa are the hyggeideal, which means you need to make sure your home is a soft, inviting place to spend time.

Give every room some much-needed warmth and texture by leaving plenty of throws, cushions, blankets and rugs lying around, mixing chunky knits and faux furs together.

#3: go for homemade accessories

Although it’s tempting to head to IKEA for some knick-knacks and other finishing touches, a personal approach is much more in keeping with a hygge mentality, so get crafty and make your own instead.

Ormiston Wire have a great range of wire for art, perfect if you’re looking to design some eye-catching unique pieces for your home. We recommend using it to create candleholders that’ll hang over your dining table (lit up, they’ll really help build a warm, cosy atmosphere).

#4: use as many candles as you like

The single most important thing for a hygge home is candlelight. Soothing, relaxing and atmospheric, they’ll instantly give any room a touch of Scandi warmth.

Stick to uncoloured candles and group them in corners, along mantelpieces and on side or coffee tables. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, just head to Tesco and pick up a bulk-buy tealight bargain.

#5: display your happy memories

Since hygge is about forming a personal connection with your home (so that you’re instantly put at ease stepping through the door), surround yourself with happy memories.

Print out your favourite photos of holidays, your family and friends, and display them in every nook and cranny you can.

Have you got any other tips for creating a perfect hygge interior? Leave a comment and let us know.

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