Videos have cemented their place as a form of content on many websites – largely due to their potential to attract attention and engage viewers. However although many websites incorporate video content in some form or other, some do not really optimize their web design for them.

The fact of the matter is that video is a very distinct type of content compared to text or images. It is certainly more visual in nature, and tends to look more ‘busy’ as well due to how active it is.

Ideally your web design should cater to the unique nature of video so that it is able to accentuate its traits rather than hinder them. To accomplish that, there are several steps that should be considered:


  • Position videos prominently. When videos are incorporated on a webpage they are generally intended to be the center of attention, and their position within a web design should reflect that – ideally right below the headline, and definitely above the fold.


  • Separate videos from other elements using white space so that it stands out on its own. This will increase its prominence, and also ensure that the website as a whole doesn’t look too cluttered.


  • Make sure the background isn’t ‘busy’ or it may distract from the video. If a ‘busy’ background is used, the video may need to be placed on top of another element to separate it – preferably one with a plain background in a solid color.

In some cases you may want to further engineer the web design to optimize for conversions – placing the conversion form or button in a good position so that it is the next element in line. That will depend on the goal of the webpage and video however, and will vary on a case by case basis.

Another area you may want to bear in mind is the quality of the videos that you produce to use as content. On that front Movavi Screen Capture Studio can help as it is a multifaceted HD recorder that has its very own built-in editor as well.

By using Movavi Screen Capture Studio you’ll be able to record high quality footage from your screen, webcam, an AVCHD camcorder or by digitizing VHS tapes. Additionally you could then edit the footage and cut and join video segments, enhance the video quality, apply special effects, include background music, add captions, and more.

All in all that should cater to most of your video production needs for website content – regardless of type. More importantly because Movavi Screen Capture Studio can record in Full HD, you should be able to ensure the quality is up to scratch as well.

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