One of the prettiest and most durable yet affordable materials to use for window blinds is made from bamboo. This completely natural design brings a soft and calming touch to your bedroom, while ensuring that your impact on the environment is lessened. Like any addition to interior design, however, you have to ensure that it fits the overall theme.


A Shade for any Window

Bamboo shades come in all shapes and sizes, and can easily accommodate both large and small windows. You just need to measure your window and get its dimensions, and then put the order through to whichever service you are ordering from. Bamboo shades work very well for windows with small panes due to their simple and straightforward design.


The Best Choice for Privacy

 The adjustable nature of bamboo shades allows for an increased level of privacy and discretion thanks to how the flattened slats perfectly lie against one another to conceal the entirety of a window pane. You can, of course, simply roll up the blinds when you would like sunshine to enter your room. Bamboo curtains also make for a perfect alternative to buying a door, and will offer the same level of privacy.


Control over the Light


The joy of owning bamboo shades involves just how much light you wish to be let in. This can be manipulated by pulling on a cord. This is an excellent feature to have in a bedroom, where the amount of light filtering in can really set the mood for an afternoon nap or relaxed day in. If you want your room to look as nature-friendly or rustic as possible, make sure to go for woven cords made from organic materials.


For Outdoors


Bamboo shades also work wonders for sprucing up any outdoors setting such as a veranda or patio. One thing to keep in mind when installing bamboo shades outside are the metal components – make sure that you pick ones that are not susceptible to rust. The most important factor to consider, however, is the climate of your area. If you experience a lot of rain on a frequent basis, bamboo blinds outside may not be a viable option, unless you have plenty of cover for them. Bamboo is unfortunately very susceptible to water damage and will begin to decay after too much exposure.


Staying in Theme

As mentioned earlier, you need to get bamboo blinds that will perfectly match whatever you have going on indoors. The most common colour for bamboo blinds is their original one, which is greenish tan shade. There are also plenty of other excellent choices that come in light brown, parchment, mahogany, and honey colours.

A good way to start deciding is by looking at the window you will be putting the blinds over. Hold a photo of the blinds against the window with your smartphone to have a better idea of what it will look like in the end.


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