We all love to dream big. But it takes lots of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort to transform these very dreams into reality. Photographer Nick Olson and fashion designer Lilah Horwitz is one such couple who not only believes in their dreams, but also possesses the courage to pursue it.

It all started on their very first date when Nick and Lilah went for an evening walk in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. While enjoying the sunset, the two creative souls tried to visualize a house where the entire façade was windows, so the sunset would never be contained within a small space. The duo quit their daily jobs and embarked on a road trip starting in Pennsylvania to collect dozens of windows from garage sales and antique dealers. After a few weeks, they decided to build their dream home at the very same spot in the mountains where they were inspired with the idea. While the entire length and width of the façade is made from recycled windows, the rest of the house is made from locally sourced salvaged wood. The interiors gives it a perfect rustic look with vintage furniture and an old school fireplace to burn the wood during the cold winter days. Check out images of their charming love nest below.







Film-makers Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long of Half Cut Tea caught up with Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz to learn more about the construction of the building and their unusually strong commitment to following through with their artistic visions.

Lilah Horwitz