High without "Heels" : Shoes designed by Brinton Antonio Berardi

Looks like a product in it’s conceptual stages…But that’s not true!!!….The high heel shoes designed by Brinton Antonio Berardi is in the market & already very popular amongst celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman who have already picked up a pair of those high heels.
According to Linconshire, UK based Antonio Berardi “……walking in these shoes you are basically on your tiptoes the whole time which makes you look “dainty”. A pair of this shoes sells  at £1,800, which is approximately a $3600. They are 5 and a half inch high with a solid platform and the silver color of the shoes makes it universal and can go just with any outfit.

The designer has definately achieved success in creating something unique and attention seeking…..But the bottom line is “Is this really comfortbale? and would someone really pay something insane something which looks incomplete & rather over rated?” It would be interesting to have your comments on this one.

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