Haus of Hercules is a home-grown fashion brand based in  Lagos, Nigeria. It’s solely specialized in producing exquisite, hand-made, bespoke shoes and  accessories, such as bags, purses, totes, back packs, gadget cases, that come in different fabrics like denim, tweed, velvet, suede and batik-patterned fabrics sourced between Nigeria and Ghana. It has been churning out quality footwear since its official debut at the Arise Magazine  fashion week 2011. Known for the brands sharp hand-made loafers and commitment to making high quality shoes that are actually comfortable to walk in, something of a novelty in the high-end market. Since its inception, it’s been on a collaborative motion with other creative minds of the fashion industry  and has also ventured into creating foot wears for African designers and designers in Diaspora  such as: Wale Adeyemi, Amine Bendriouche & Bs and the Okunoren twins.

Subsequently, it has  successfully worked  in the production of its limited editions  for a shoe collection for Nigerian luxury designer, Alexander Amosu. The brand also contributed to the success of the recent  Arise Magazine Fashion week 2012, by designing a limited collection for  Kola kuddus,  an AMFW debutant. When talking about shoes with a little bit of tight weave plus bold and clean color blocks, you definitely know it’s a perfect shoe for dress or play. HoH cannot be exempted. Inspired by beauty, influenced by the aesthetics of African textiles and a loyal follower of the aesthetically cycle, HAUS OF HERCULES is making an indelible statement in the fashion business.

Here’s something about HOH’s combination of traditional Nigerian culture with more familiar street-derived elements that come together quite beautifully. In an age where pattern, structure and layout is relevant, the designer surely garners  and understands the importance of the aforementioned elements and milieu, which he integrates in his craft, not ignoring the temptation to go “edgy” in a quite conservative way. At a glance you can comprehend that minimalism is luxury for this brand. The designer picks elements like patterns and bold colors from African textiles and injects them interestingly into his designs , that make you want to wear these loafers on both traditional occasions and corporate events.

These velvet shoes are so slick it would be offensive to wear them with anything other than your finest clothes. You can’t get more regal than velvet  foot wears and they  look great for sunny months. When I forwarded my curiosity regarding the appropriate, or perhaps the preferable way to pull off a look with HAUS OF HERCULES moccasins. The creative director, Christopher Jeje suggested  that “ It really depends on what particular shoe. As we work with an array of fabrics, ranging from Leather hide-denim-Batik-Velvet, tweed, suede. So in terms of ‘use’ , it’s either you’ve got on a pair of navy blue velvet slippers with the custom HAUS OF HERCULES mortif, or you are out for a wedding/event  and you are decked out in  suede tassel loafers, or you want to dress down/casual look with the plain tweed slippers or the denim loafers with a grecian cut. whatever it is, when it comes to complimenting pieces plus HOH shoes, be you, be confident, be stylish!”

The HAUS OF HERCULES  moccasins can be currently found on an online retail platform, Agnes & Lola , where their recent limited edition footwear collection are showcased.



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