Industrial designer duo Aliki Rovithi and Foant Asour of Athens-based award winning creative studio DEDE picked up on their design briefing to create the “Oh! my woodness!” effect.

The brief was simple. They were asked to design a contemporary sofa that would highlight the leading role of wood in the most definitive way. A comfy and attractive sofa, with a head- turning personality, that would put a new spin on the common “only fabric” concept.

The Oh! My Woodness! Sofa is the product of the designers’ collaboration with Minimal Classic, a Greek company that designs and manufactures unique furniture exclusively from solid wood.

The sofa has a versatile design with a relaxed character, but intense and clean lines. It foregrounds the use of solid wood in couch manufacturing and the collapsible nature enables compact transport and self-assembly requires no tools.

A special coating prevents the cushions from sliding along the wooden surface. When removing any of the seating cushions, the extra space may be used as an actual table facilitating joyous, carefree gatherings with friends, snacks and drinks.

The designers came up with this fresh and simple approach, gentle and robust at the same time, that focuses on the essentials and leaves the rest to the user’s liking and imagination.

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