If necessity is the mother of invention, then it naturally follows that designer, entrepreneur and savvy traveler Peg Steley would create her own personal version of the essential garment for globetrotting women. A veteran of exotic and far-flung journeys through four continents, her mantra is predictably “pack light”!

Born in Sydney Australia, Margaret (Peg) Steley grew up in a creatively fertile household with plenty of inspiration from her mother, a fibre artist who created weavings and tapestries. Emigrating to Canada in 1975, she settled in Vancouver, embarking on a career producing large spectacle entertainment such as the opening and closing ceremonies of Expo ‘86. In 2011, after formally leaving the workforce, Peg happily pursued jewelry designing, creating bold and ornate, collectible statement pieces. Earlier in 2015, an ‘aha’ moment spurred her to pivot toward developing her travel dress concept, and subsequently an extended travel wardrobe line, with “The Dress” as the signature piece.

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Exercising the essential skills of mannequin draping and pattern construction, Peg prefers the sweeping creative process of garment designing over the laborious precision of sewing. Once drafted, she then engages a professional grader to have her pattern sized. The product of her months-long effort is, by her estimation, the perfect minimalist’s travel dress, weighing a mere 4.2 ounces and suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

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“The Dress” is made with a silky soft poly-spandex fabric that won’t crush or wrinkle, breathes and wicks away moisture, making it comfortable to wear in warm climates. Featuring a ¾ length sleeve and mid-calf hemlength, it comes in three sizes and in either black or charcoal for now, though additional colours are in the works. The inspired inside pockets conceal a clever twinned pocket, one with a hidden zipper for unobtrusive storage of money or small items. Shipped in its own 6” square drawstring pouch, this chic dress is destined to be an effortless staple in carry-ons everywhere.

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Garments are sewn at a local production facility in Vancouver Canada and can be ordered online exclusively on her website. Much to her delight, the first run is completely sold out, with a second shipment underway. Looking ahead, Peg is thoughtfully developing the travel line to include a hybrid tote/satchel with dedicated compartments for those indispensable travel accessories; a bolero-type shrug; an Italian Silk scarf and complementary lightweight costume jewellery. In preparation for her upcoming Spring 2016 launch, Peg encourages people to sign up through her new website MargoPolo.

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“I love glamour, embellishment, and style” she says, “and I hope these travel designs become the go-to choices for modern women on the move .”

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