“Never think you know what lies ahead. Creating & painting will always lead you elsewhere.”  -Artist Sylvie Bisson

Montreal’s Sylvie Bisson is a multidisciplinary artist who  has been known to many of the Quebec residents as a singer, narrator and a television & radio host. But, my first introduction to Sylvie Bisson was through her paintings which instantly reminded me of one of my favorite abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock. In 2005, Sylvie dedicated herself completely to visual arts with an inclination towards painting and writing. While she is currently studying Fine Arts & creative wirting at University of Quebec in Montreal, she devotes most of her time painting in her beautiful studio situated in the west island of Montreal.

Little did I know, Sylvie also happens to be the first Quebec artist to be on the TOP 50 Emerging Artists list in the American magazine Art Business News’s edition of March/ April 2012. In March 2011 she exhibited for the first time in New York and was honored with the title of ‘Featured International Artist‘ by the organization of the International Art Expo New York,  from over 400 exhibitors. Her artworks can be found under private collections in Quebec and the United States.

“I am an artist who is in constant evolution, an eternal student of the arts. I will never stop the art learning process, as it is essential to my survival. I believe that we all follow a path and I found my essential path and reason for being the day a paintbrush fell into my hand. My ultimate intent has always been and still remains the same; to move others, to regain balance and harmony then to share what I’ve discovered in order to collectively draw closer to happiness with my audience. Painting is the perfect medium to complete my mission.” – says Artist Sylvie Bisson

quebec-artist-sylvie-bissonCatch me if you can

Sylvie mostly works with acrylic paints and her abstract works are inspired from her surroundings, from things that touches her heart, things that puzzle,  hurt or question her. “Ultimately what interests me concerns the human being and his/her eternal quest for peace. For me, achieving this state of being must be done through the expression and acceptance of what is, within us and around us, the duality between rational and irrational, and the “inevitable” that we all face at one time or another.”


Music and writing are the foundations of her gestures & expressions, which are always liberating and of a real intensity and spontaneity, expressing her quest for truth and authenticity, depth and spirituality.  It’s just like Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky once wrote, “I am convinced that there is an undeniable link between painting and spirituality and I continue to develop this avenue of experimentation and evolution of the soul through creation.”


quebec-artist-sylvie-bisson-painting-Plunge in my arns

quebec-artist-sylvie-bisson-painting-Up where we belong

quebec-artist-sylvie-bisson-painting-Little people

Sylvie Bisson  Photo Credit Marc Decourt_WEB

Photo Courtesy: Marc Decourt

If you would like to know more about Sylvie Bisson’s work, feel her art at feelmyart.com

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