Italian artist Claudio Parentela’s work is best described as anarchic, dreamy,extreme, bizarre, colorful, raw, romantic and trendy. After painting with Indian black ink for more than 13 years, Parentela finally felt the need to express himself through colours and alternative materials. His latest work is a series of colourful artwork portraying the set of emotionally & physically intimate acts between man and woman.

Parentela loves to experiment with everything around him, be it, photographs, colours, paper, rope, plastic etc. The idea of mixing different materials to create something unimaginable and unique excites him. While his past work was rather dark, his newer works are inspired by pop culture, fashion and comics. While Parentela’s work is undoubtedly striking and unique, I find the artworks very masculine and there seems to be a very thin line between his inspiration from the ‘act of love’ and obsession for women. Whatever it maybe, it is expressed honestly with a clear communication between the artist and the viewer.




+ Claudio Parentela