Although some energy-efficient and eco-friendly measures are beautiful and publicly visible, others are largely unknown to the general public, but applauded by government officials. Recently, the Obama administration recognized the Wendy’s chain of fast food restaurants for efforts to make design improvements that reduce waste.

The Energy Department is a federal body that issued the Better Buildings Challenge to encourage the nation’s restaurants to prevent unnecessary usage of resources. By taking part in the Better Buildings Challenge, Wendy’s committed to use 20 percent less energy over the next decade.
Inspiring Restaurants to Learn and Grow

After deciding do the Better Buildings Challenge, Wendy’s developed and unveiled an all-encompassing plan to cut energy usage through design and appliance enhancements. One part of the efforts involved using a communications platform called The Energy Times to document and share details about the things respective Wendy’s restaurants did to save energy.

Besides just giving straightforward insight about methods used, The Energy Times allowed participating restaurants to publish results of those efforts. For example, if a high-efficiency air conditioning system caused a restaurant to save hundreds of dollars on utility costs, that’d be a fact worth sharing in hopes of helping other restaurants.
Keeping People Cooler Without Wasting Energy

The fast-food chain, and its franchisee Wendco Group, view energy efficiency as a strategy that’s good for business. That’s why it continually pursues business strategies that keep energy consumption down.

The company stepped up by installing energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems in hundreds of its restaurants. Rather than just focusing on saving energy at the corporate level, Wendy’s made history by offering such energy-efficient opportunities to franchisees.

Furthermore, the company didn’t stop at measures to keep customers comfortable in its restaurants. This energy saving project also involved supporting hard-working kitchen employees by installing ultra-efficient commercial kitchen hoods in food preparation areas.
Relying on Industry Experts

Worthwhile outcomes often depend on relying on experts to get jobs done right. When your home air conditioner suddenly stops working, it’s smart to depend on professionals from a trustworthy company that provides fast and reliable AC repairs. Similarly, Wendy’s knew it needed expert tips to make meaningful changes in energy usage.

The company recruited professionals for an internal team dedicated to minimizing wasted resources. Designers, architects, supply chain analysts, and engineers were among some of the workers who took part in helping Wendy’s achieve its goal.
Getting Impressive Results

Earlier, you learned about the fast-food chain’s long-term energy usage reduction goal. However, statistics show Wendy’s is already doing well by moving in the right direction through the use of energy-efficient air conditioners and other purposeful tactics. Between 2012 and 2015, the company reported a six-percent reduction in energy usage.

Before beginning the Better Buildings Challenge, Wendy’s knew inefficient HVAC systems were one of the most pressing factors contributing to wasted energy. If your energy bills are consistently higher than you expect, it’s a good idea to hire an HVAC specialist to see if there are strategies that could make your system work better, too. Doing that may not result in recognition from President Obama, but it could help you slash household spending.

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