It’s a common misconception that interior design is all about organizing furniture pieces and selecting colors, fabrics & accessories as per the taste of the client. That’s exactly what Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres thought when he was approached to design the house of Brazilian DJ Pil Marques in Sao Paulo. But, things started to get challenging and super adventurous when the design team was introduced to DJ Pil  Marques’ grand collection which included vintage toys like giant robot & horror cartoon characters, artworks, vinyl records and other accessories. It wasn’t  just a regular interior design project anymore, but, it involved alot more creativity resulting into a beautiful personalized space shared by flatmates artist Daniel Zanardi and DJ Adriana Recchi.

Firstly the white walls of the living room were replaced by a vibrant shade of blue which also complimented the collection items. Some new design elements like the sheepskin rug, sofa and the black shelving system were added to create sitting and storage spaces.
Pil’s bedroom reminds us of a child’s room with all his favorite toys like Star Wars memorabilia to PEZ dispensers.  You can also see some contemporary pieces made by toy companies and street artists like Toy2r, Nathan Jurevicius and Gary Baseman  in his bedroom expressing him love for vintage art. The designers even gave a cool fusion look to the bathroom adorned with a crazy beach shower curtain to Popeye the sailor.
The open kitchen area attached to the living room was painted with a shade of baby pink and the furniture & shelves were painted white. Most of the animal figures like birds, penguins and deers were arranged in the kitchen area creating a lively, organic feel.
One of the kick-ass elements in the kitchen is the artwork above the washer which says, ‘Fuck the Good Art. This is the way we see it’. And that’s exactly what every corner of this house shouts out!

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