Montreal based artist and graphic designer, Tony Moriello takes us on a fascinating journey into his ‘Pixel World‘ where perversion becomes beautiful. Moriello is an award winning graphic designer, well known for creating some amazing graphic design concepts and brand development for influential clients. His latest artwork is created through a process of color therapy and color composition creating vibrant images intended to stimulate all the five human senses. Moriello’s work is inspired by pornography, cinematography and photography exploring the issues of modern day culture, public and private identity, expurgation as well as exhibitionism.

“Having all but abandoned my paintbrush and all its traditional pigments, I find myself dazzled in a ‘Pixel World’. The result of an epiphany, and the outcome of something so negative, ‘a pixilated image’ becomes a stunning fascination. Attracted by colors, the actual image remains a fantasy.  The attraction to certain colors, unbeknownst to young or old the hidden hardcore image behind each print, has caused me great enthrallment.

Most of my images are inspired by pornography, although these creations highlight the chemistry of colors with abstract design. These color pixel images are appreciated for their color composition, and with a little inspiration, imagination and creativity, one can discover the hidden sexual perversion.” – says Artist Tony Moriello

Moriello’s work has been showcased at various events all over North America including the Montreal Erotic Festival 2012 in August 2012 and at the Museum of Sex in New York.

+ Tony Moriello



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