Inspired by Gothic furniture of the Romantic period with its ability to harness the power of the imagination to envision and escape, and its strong style with presence and strength.

‘Expensive’ is a word synonymous to luxury interior design. Most of the designers, except for a few, visualize luxury design as an overall look instead of touching every little detail in the space. Having worked on several high end interior design projects, I came to the realization that ‘Not all luxury design is good design’. So, what’s good luxury design? It is a perfect blend of style, functionality, character, uniqueness and of course the right combination of materials. That’s exactly what I would like to share today  – The Diamond sideboard designed by the most reputable furniture manufacturers, Boca do Lobo. The Diamond sideboard is a luxury furniture item inspired by Gothic and Romanesque periods. The unique design consists of a sculptural shape with two highly sculptured doors. While the exterior is finished with a silver leaf painted with a shade of translucent amethyst high gloss varnish, the inside part ( the drawers and shelves) is adorned with gold leafing. One of the striking features is the lion head legs which are hand carved from Mahogany wood finished with gold leafing.

Dimensions: W. 180 cm | 70,2”  H. 83 cm | 32,2”  D. 60 cm | 23,4”

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