You spend a lot of time in your living room, and winter is approaching fast, so you’ll want to make it a super cozy atmosphere that will be welcoming and warm. If you need to redesign your living room to make it perfect for winter, check out the tips below, which are easy to implement no matter what your budget is.

Dress Up Your Windows the Right Way

For the winter, nothing beats thicker curtains on your windows. These will help keep more warmth in when the temperature drops, and they also create a cozier appearance that you will love. Plus, as the days get shorter, you’ll want to have thick drapes that you can close for optimal privacy after the sun goes down early in the evening. Just be sure to pick a color that matches the rest of your room’s design scheme.

Change Up the Color Scheme

Speaking of color, one of the fastest ways to transform any room and change its overall vibe is by changing the color scheme. When it comes to winter, bright colors simply won’t do. You want to have warmer hues throughout the space. Add a deep red accent wall, have deep orange accents in the décor throughout the space, and add some black throughout the room as well.

While you can certainly paint the walls, if you don’t want to go that far, you can instead change the colors in the accessories that you use in your living room, such as the blanket and pillows that you keep on your sofa or the artwork that’s on your walls.

Warm Up the Lighting

When you think of winter, images of beautiful fireplaces and candles burning probably come to mind. So regardless of the type of lighting that you have in your living room, adding some warmer lighting elements throughout the space can create that cozy element that you desire.

Add candles in the center of your coffee table, dress up your fireplace with winter inspired décor if you have a fireplace, and consider purchasing an electric fireplace that you can easily add to your room if you don’t have the real thing. Then light your fireplace and your candles, turn off the rest of the lights, and let the warm glow help you get comfortable as you snuggle on your couch.

Add a New Area Rug to the Space

If you already have carpeting in your living room, this tip won’t work, but if you have tiles or hardwood floors, you can swap out your old area rug for one that has a warmer color scheme and design that’s ideal for winter. So, if you currently have a plain area rug or one with bright hues, opt for one that will match your new winter color palette.

Redesigning your living room for the winter can be a lot of fun, and it can also be really easy if you follow the tips above. If you don’t want to make permanent changes, such as by repainting the walls, there are plenty of temporary ways to change the atmosphere of the room for the season.

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