If you have a small kitchen, your design ideas might feel just as cramped and limited as you perceive your kitchen to be. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make the most of your small cooking space that offer big results. See how a small kitchen holds massive potential when you have the right mindset and information.

Keep Things Simple

One of the first things you should know when it comes to decorating small kitchens is you’ve got to keep things as simple as possible. You’ve got lots of options, yes, but you want the area to look tasteful, and going decorating crazy hardly ever results in taste. Decide which areas of the space you want to keep basic and which you’d like to add a bit more style to, which might mean spending a bit more.

Add a Backsplash

Nothing draws the eye quite like a great backsplash behind the kitchen sink. Once you’ve decided on the overall color scheme for your kitchen, see how you can incorporate the hues in your backsplash and what materials you can use. If you’re on a limited budget and are in need of a way to breathe new life into your kitchen, a new backsplash is definitely the way to go.

Focus on the Cabinets

If you only have a single wall in your kitchen, stunning cabinetry is where it’s at. You can blend a mix of open cabinets where you display your more interesting dishes and traditional closed cabinets for everyday kitchen items. To keep things from getting too boring with closed cabinets, you can select interesting knobs or pulls. Focusing on small details is the perfect choice for a small kitchen.

Group Similar Items Together

Create small clusters of visual interest by grouping similar items together. This could mean arranging baskets, plates or photos together. No matter what you decide to group together, make sure it’s in line with your kitchen’s style and color palette; otherwise, it is sure to stick out for all the wrong reasons.

Choose a Vibrant Color for a Single Wall

Don’t like the idea of adding a backsplash to your small kitchen? No problem. Another option that offers similar results is painting a wall a single dynamic hue that adds style and visual appeal. If there’s something unique about your kitchen’s architecture, you can use this as an opportunity to show it off even more.

Think About Adding Some Accessories

Add complementary artwork and accessories to your small kitchen with a few well-placed shelves or a stool. Throwing a rug down in front of the sink is another great accessory choice, as is adding a banquette where you, friends and family can enjoy meals. This is a great way to liven up your space and add little brushstrokes of color.

Textiles Make for a Bold Design Choice

Be sure to make the most of your kitchen windows if you have them. Rather than go with regular, boring blinds, you can instead drape a Roman shade over the window that lets in light and shows off your personal style.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Lighting is another prime opportunity to not only add character to your kitchen, but make your home more energy efficient as well. Specifically, pendant lamps positioned over your kitchen island or a drum shade over your newly-installed banquette or breakfast nook are great choices. You can also add lights under the cabinet or consider recessed lighting. In any case, be sure you use energy efficient or LED bulbs. There’s no reason your kitchen can’t be both stylish and sustainable.

Cook up some visual interest for your small kitchen to give it big personality with these ideas. With the right touch, your space can look and function better than a gourmet kitchen.


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