Known for creating timeless products embracing contemporary Nordic design, Danish interior design company Enveo has teamed up with Kebony to create an aesthetic, functional and sustainable smartphone and tablet dock.

The Acorn is inspired by nature and crafted from warm-toned Kebony maple; it embodies simplicity, sustainability and functionality.

For the designers at enveo, the Acorn dock is more than a piece of interior, it is a statement about the future; one in which the merging of the industrious, urban world and a respect for the natural world is essential in order to achieve a truly sustainable paradigm.


Sustainability goes beyond the choice of materials; it also lies in the functionality. Acorn is a functional and versatile dock and it is compatible with many brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony and Nokia.


Acorn is versatile due to the unique cable adapters designed to perfection and allows one to use their own original Lightning and 30-pin cable with the designed adapters. A uni-sized micro-USB cable is included with a Acorn to ensure a perfect fit for all micro-USB smartphones. This ensures Acorn will match your next new smartphone or tablet, just change the adapter depending on your device.


The Acorn strives to occupy the space between the simple and functional smartphone and tablet docks that already exist in the market and the high standards of aesthetics that the company has set for itself. Acorn has a warm deep glow and its rich, woody smell enabled to bring a sense of the organic to these technological products.


For more details about this project, visit their Kickstarter page where the designers have already pledged kr 22,391 DKK of their 200,000 goal.

+ Enveo



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