“Give me a canvas & colours, and I shall paint” is something what most artists would say. There are the artists and then there is  Singaporean interior designer turned artist Zhu Hong who believes that the ‘Idea’ is much more important than the medium of expression. This strong belief and his ability to look at art ‘beyond the screen‘ has resulted in the creation  of this awesome collection of paintings made entirely with a smartphone.

Unlike most conventional artists, Zhu Hong decided to embrace the advancements in technology rather than forming a critical point of view. His ongoing exhibition ‘Beyond the Screenshowcases a collection of artworks which have been created using the default S Note application on his Samsung Galaxy Note.  Zhu Hong expresses his fascination for Singapore’s architecture and urban culture by capturing the magnificent skyscrapers, restaurants, train station and airport.

“Sometimes creating a piece of art is simpler than we think. Art evolves with the advancement of technology, and we can in turn use this to encourage creativity. If we learn to see the ubiquitous mobile phone as paper, brush and ink, then we have all the tools we need in our hands. Bits and pieces of daily life can easily be recorded and shared with others.” says Zhu Hong. He adds, “A piece of art is elevated when we paint with our hearts rather than with our hands. The soul of each creation is far more important than the colours used or the skills displayed. As such, the secret of using the phone as a drawing medium truly lies beyond the screen.”

The printed digital paintings can be seen at the 7Adam Restaurant Gallery in Singapore until 21st August 2013.







+ Zhu Hong


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