Designed by Paolo De Giusti, XXXVI DG concept bike is a no nonsense, sleek bike with no folding mechanism, no gadgets, no electric battery and no gears.  It is just a conventional bicycle with two wheels, pedals, brakes and a seat. But, what really separates it from the rest of the bike designs, is the way traditional bicycle components are visualized together in an unconventional, yet very innovative fashion. The design features an unique asymmetrical frame which appears to be overlapping with the structural components, while the rear wheel looks off aligned. The 36 inch wheels provide the ultimate cruising experience  delivering just the right amount of style to complete a perfect morning ride to the pier.

bike-design-by-paolo-de-giusti-4 bike-design-by-paolo-de-giusti-3bike-design-by-paolo-de-giusti-1 bike-design-by-paolo-de-giusti-2

+ Paolo De Giusti