After having featured the colorful fabric lampshade yesterday, we guys at DZine Trip are still on a color trip and today I am going to share some amazing furniture pieces designed and manufactured by London based luxury design house, Squint Limited. The company is also one of the participants at the ongoing 10th London Design Festival. Most of the furniture pieces are 70’s colonial style furniture upholstered with a hand stitched patch-worked materials consisting of a  combination of different colored & patterned fabrics. Fabrics used include woven silks, velvets and printed and woven cottons. The result is vibrant, contemporary and very artsy!!

“Squint was the creation of Lisa Whatmough, who through her passion for textiles and with a very British design sensibility has created a world of richly decorative home wares which are a fusion of fashion and the decorative Arts, each UK made item becoming a piece of contemporary art work. Lisa imbues Squint with her own style and has created a clear visual signature mixing ages and social and artistic heritages to create her own conceptual vision of how we live today and sells internationally in some of the worlds top design and fashion stores.”

+ Squint Limited