Canadian-born designer Hayley Elsaerrer’s ‘Candy Coated Voodoo’ is a youthful and fresh clothing collection inspired by pop culture, art and literature and displaying a demonstrated mastery of prints, laser cutting techniques and an awesome use of vibrant colours across tailored silhouettes. The range shows off many intricate leather pieces including crocodile embossing, metallic finishes and ultra detailed, complex laser cutting.

The leatherwork created by Elsaerrer can be seen in the Stellar Stardust fur and leather jacket with a pink injection of colour with full length metallic leather sleeves and a soft fur body. The jacket is finished with an elaborate black cat printed lining. Another great example includes the black crocodile embossed boxy leather tee with a gloss finish featuring strong structured shoulders and an elbow length sleeve.

The prints in the collection are an amazing feature, all of which are intricate patterns of bright digital art. These include ghoulish skulls and crossbones, creepy scarab beetles and spiders, bright pink and flying eyeballs and geometric swirling pinwheels. These vibrant custom prints emblazon the majority of the range across jackets, tops, dresses, skirts and trousers, some of which feature the one hero print or a combination which results in an achingly cool execution…The collection takes us back into the 60’s psychedelic fashion era.





The collection can be purchased through Hayley Elsaerrer’s E-boutique


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