Launching a web design business involves a wide range of challenges that will test your ability to persevere and be resourceful. Luckily, if you’re already a skilled designer or programmer, chances are you have what it takes to make the business side of things work as well. Still, it’s important to realize that you’ll be competing with established service providers who probably have more robust portfolios and refined sales pitches. Many people wonder whether earning a degree in business administration is really necessary or helpful in the field of web design. Here are three top reasons why an online MBA degree can improve your chances of beating the odds when you’re starting from scratch in such a competitive field:

1. Learning Business Management Theory


Regardless of which industry you plan on operating in, when you’re going into a new endeavor it’s always best to be as prepared as possible. If your goal is just to run an independent effort where you meet the needs of a few clients all by yourself, then a degree might not be as useful. However, if you plan on starting a busy web design firm that actually has the potential to do more than generate a decent salary, then knowing the ins and outs of business theory would certainly give you a leg up. Plus, you can do it all from home using a distance learning institution like Northeastern University.

2. Understanding Accounting and Finances


Knowing how to create professional contracts, resumes, and portfolios will ensure that you’re projecting the utmost professionalism when dealing with high-profile clients. Furthermore, being able to keep track of your accounts and utilize accounting tools will put you in a position to accommodate a large volume of work without falling victim to the detrimental effects of disorganization.

3. Having the Credentials to Prove Your Experience


Anyone can say they’re a great businessperson, but not many people have a degree to prove their knowledge and expertise in business management. Online clients are particularly savvy and are more likely to look into your background and credentials. So whether you’re spearheading a design firm or are simply tasked with the job of managing and soliciting clients, there’s no doubt that earning a masters in business administration online will give you the badge needed to earn the approval of the higher level crowd, which often prefers to only deal with people who have advanced degrees.

A Degree is Not Necessary, but it is Helpful


In closing, don’t fall for the “that’s not necessary” mindset. In that line of logic, we could dispose of a number of luxuries, amenities, and tools that we don’t really “need”, but which greatly enrich and enhance our experiences. For example, it’s not necessary to use a power drill to drive a screw into a wall – you could use a screwdriver – but it’s obvious that having the drill would be helpful.

An MBA won’t change your life, but it will almost certainly help your career.

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