Breaking design rules, especially when it comes to creating a hotel concept isn’t really every designers cup of tea. But Spanish design firm Lagranja Design, not only dares to break the rules, but also succeeds in impressing and inspiring the design fraternity to think  ‘Out of the box’. Their Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel is a fine example of the design studio’s achievement where an abstract creative concept, with almost total absence of the stereotype hotel design, is transformed into a ‘Travelers paradise‘. The chic hotel is situated in an old building which was built in the 1960’s and that’s where the designers drew the inspiration of designing an interior concept which would take the visitors back into the era.

The entire space is super stylish with combinations of youthful colors, unusual objects and crazy contrasts. The reception desk is made of worn out leather bags, the tables are customized to represent the ‘Peseta’ which is the former Spanish currency and there’s even a green ‘Seat 600‘ in the middle of the lobby emphasizing the Spanish 60’s concept. While all the guest rooms and gym are located on the first to the sixth floor, the public areas can be found on the ground floor itself. While the flooring and ceilings are mostly grey, monochromatic woolen carpets are used throughout the corridor with informal seating to create a youthful and chilled out setting. On the other hand, there is a playroom area which is dominated by white…. also, the billiards table is entirely white in color.

There is a surprise element in every corner of this hotel. Each corridor was used as a canvas exhibiting different issues over the decade whilst the doors of the rooms were used to showcase design icons, tourist hotspots, folklore as well as the lifestyle of the period. That’s not it!. The designers  went one step ahead and defined each level with a different colour – red, light blue, dark blue, orange, grey and green – and different topics feature which can be seen through the rooms themselves, i.e. the Julio Iglesias room or the Eurovision Contest room. So what are you waiting for? Simply pack, pick a color and check in!









Photo Credits: Albert Font

+ Lagranja Design

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