Body Crash: We All Play A Part is a brilliant artistic expression created by body artist Emma Hack as part of the anti-speeding campaign by South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission (MAC). This incredible work of art involves a team of 17 people which includes some gymnasts and body builders.

Emma did her groundwork by creating a number of initial sketches which were later transformed into a well defined 3D rendering which was very helpful while painting the bodies of the models and also defining the exact position of each member. All the team members are treated like parts of a puzzle which when put together takes the form of a damaged car. The aim of this project was to educate drivers of all ages about the consequences of speeding and how each and every person could assist in preventing speeding related accidents. The project gives a very strong symbolic message, which is ‘We All Play A Part’

Watch the video of ‘Making of the Body Crash’ below: