Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker by Otis & Eleanor

Designers at Otis & Eleanor in collaboration with independent designer Megan Sebold have created a Bluetooth speaker made entirely from bamboo. The fact that the designers love to travel makes it clear that the product was inspired by places and they wanted to create a product that could travel with them.  The product intends to connect people around, encourage them to take out their headphones and be together in the same room, listening to the same song.

The Bongo is a ‘thoughtfully crafted 100% bamboo Bluetooth speaker with a natural vibe.’  The Bongo has a retro design combined with a state-of-the-art audio technology and Bluetooth portability. It uses APT-X best-in-class audio decompression software, 1.5 inch drivers utilizing Rare Earth Magnets and Dual 1.75 inch Passive bass radiators in airtight compartments. It can blast music wirelessly from your phone with Bluetooth and has a 8 hour playback time before recharging.

Designer Megan Sebold developed beautiful speaker cloths that were selected from unique materials including 100% natural hemp. Megan also assisted in creating different colour combinations of rings around the speaker, bamboo grains and speaker cloth. For example, a dark grained speaker with dark brown coloured rings has brown tweed cloth, dark grained speaker with blue coloured rings has a zigzag hemp cloth and a dark grained speaker with yellow rings has a blue & orange tweed cloth and a light grained speaker with turquoise coloured rings has a chequered hemp speaker cloth.

Currently available on Kickstarter at an exclusive price of $ 60, Bongo is certainly going places and connecting people…Party on the GO!

Check out the video below:




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