Title: Dream of Ravens (48″ x 36″  Oil on canvas)

On the cusp of the year of reconciliation many Canadians are discussing First Nations issues, past and present. One interesting element of this discussion that can be overlooked is diversity within and between First Nations. Canada is a country of cultural diversity and we extol this continually as part of our effort to understand our identity as a nation. However, little time is been given to explore and discuss the diversity within First Nations cultures.

Haida-Ukrainian artist Trace Yeomans explores her own duality through a series of artwork titled Raven’s View. Raven’s View is an intimate invitation to enter into the artist’s cross-cultural worldview.

Born into the Haida Raven clan Yeomans sees herself expressed in this mythological character. However, she is not only a Raven and has great affection for the traditions and culture passed down to her from her Ukrainian father.  In this exhibition Yeomans offers viewers an opportunity to get into her head to see what her dreams and experiences have created. Her work is inspired by the constantly changing world around her, life, love and humour. Her ideas, culture and personal experience are expressed in a visual dialogue that is full of life. Yeomans likes to deal with Life, not Theory. Her works insist on it and are infused with nature and narrative.

“When I decided to do a show with Fazakas Gallery I knew right away I wanted to paint a Raven themed show. I wanted to incorporate my ideas on love, humor and life changes into the pieces through “my view,” hence the name of the show Ravens View.”, explains artist Trace Yeomans

“It seemed natural to call the show Raven’s View since Raven is also my crest from my Haida heritage. I didn’t want to leave out my Ukrainian heritage, which I am equally proud of, so I used bright colours in some of my paintings, similar to those seen on Ukrainian eggs. The Ravens in most of my paintings represent myself and how I look at things in my life” – Trace Yeomans

The exhibition will open at the Fazakas Gallery in Vancouver on 27th September 2014. For more details visit Fazakas Gallery

Friends At The Park by Trace yeomans

 Title: Friends at the Park (20″ x 24″   Oil on canvas)

Trace Yeomans - Looking Back At The Past

 Title: Looking back at the past (48″ x 36″  Oil on canvas)

Trace Yeomans - Upon Reflection

 Title: Upon Reflection

IN HER SHOES 4@ 12" x 12" oil on board $2,800

 Title: In her Shoes (12″ x 12″   Oil on board)

Empty Nest - 40" x 30" Oil on Canvas $2,800

Title: Empty Nest


Title: Ukrainian Raven (40″ x 30″   Oil on canvas)


Title: Anticipating Ravens (8″ x 8″    Oil on canvas)

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