The Apartment revamped this massive 7,000 square feet YMCA Basket Ball Court into a contemporary 5 bedroom residence. The new home features several different amenities including an indoor garden, 12 person home theater, and even a 30 feet long kitchen.

According to the designers, “There comes a point in every agency’s life at which one can’t deal with clients anymore and we must follow our bliss. The opportunity to convert the first YMCA in the United States’ basketball court and suspended running track into an 7,000 square-foot, 5-bedroom romantic minimalist pleasure was such a bliss. The building was in disrepair from years of abandonment and needed some love.

The Apartment decided to invest in the top two floors and turn them into a showcase of all the things we did best, From architecture to decor to designing our own wallpaper and furniture. every detail was slaved over, new building techniques were tried, an indoor garden was installed, A 30-foot long kitchen was designed and built, a 12-person home theater was imagined and realized…

All the while preserving the past by keeping the original basketball flooring in the private areas of the apartment, we got everything we always wanted to try on client projects and never could. it was a design lab of sorts.”

+ The Apartment


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