A well-designed garden can be a stylish addition to your homestead, and contribute greatly to the look of the property as an extension of a home’s architecture. By updating your garden, you are creating a space that reflects not only your own style, but a sense of oasis in this busy world we live in. Time spent in the garden is not only therapeutic, but an opportunity to increase the curbappeal of your property.

Shape the beds

Squaring off informal curved flower beds provides an instant up-to-date feel to a garden. Even the smallest of gardens can be made to look much larger by this simple act. Straight edges are also easier to maintain and mow round – a winning situation. The straight lines can make the garden feel more organized and tranquil; however, do not be put off by thinking that the garden will feel too ordered, you can still maintain an informal aspect by allowing the plants to cascade over the edges. There are also materials that you can use to create permanent edging such as cobbles or railway sleepers to reinforce the design lines.

Use contrasting materials

A large expanse of a single material can unintentionally make your garden look barren. Using a combination of contrasting materials can create interest where previously there was none. Paving slabs are an ideal choice ofhard-wearing weather resistant surface that can be edged with a contrasting material – bricks, gravel or decorative chippings.

Replace your fencing

Fencing is often overlooked as a way to improve the aesthetic of a garden, and yet it is perhaps the most important: it provides security, separates us from our neighbors and allows us to define ‘our’ space. If your neighbors’ gardens are not up to your standard, by replacing your fencing with a greater height you can protect your views; on the other hand, if your fencing prevents you from being able to appreciate a natural vista, make it shorter. You can also play around with the perspective of your garden; horizontal lines can draw the eye down the garden to elongate even the smallest of spaces. Oakdale Fencing provides a comprehensive range of fencing from sustainable sources and garden options that can be used to get the best out of your outdoor space; you can choose sleek lines or add dark colors to update your garden’s look.

Paint a feature wall

If you have a dark or gloomy wall in your garden, the addition of a splash of color on a feature wall can add life. Colorshave the ability to affect our perception of distance; for smaller gardens remember that cool pastel colors and white can elongate the view, whereas reds, oranges and hot pinks push forward.

Look at your plants

Most people have inherited the garden and choice of plants from the house’s previous residents, but what may have been good for them, may not be your choice. Color is a hugely subjective topic, and you may not like the colors your garden offers you, or they may not sit harmoniously together. Be honest and be confident in your decision – it’s okay not to like some of nature’s gifts!

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