The lattes and cupcakes are not the only thing that your guests notice about your café. Sure lip-smacking delicacies are the biggest draw for any eatery but remember- your cafe furniture is the first thing that your guests observe about your outlet. Food comes later; if you fail to create an inviting ambience and if people can’t connect to your décor, they won’t sit to order food. Furniture plays a crucial role in deciding on the ambience of your café. Thus, you have to be very particular on choosing your café furniture.

Comfort is the watchword

People come to cafes to spend happy times over a cuppa. But if the seating arrangement can’t provide them the desired comfort, they will soon switch to another one at the next street. So, make sure your café furniture is very comfortable. If possible sit on them to check the comfort level before you buy. If you are shopping online, check beforehand the company has a return and exchange policy.

Connection with the theme and décor

Next to comfort, the second thing to check is how much your chosen furniture resonates with the overall theme and décor of your café. For example, wooden chairs would be a good match for rustic settings while a contemporary style would call for something sleek and sassy. 

Be careful of the color

The color of the furniture is important too. Avoid using blue for café furniture as the color is an appetite suppressant. If black seems to be too common, go for orange or red. Both these colors are energetic, glam, social and charges up the appetite. Brown is another good option as the shade creates an inviting ambience around.

Durable yet lightweight

This is another vital thing to remember while choosing your café furniture. You are surely not going to change your furnishing with every passing year. Hence you need something that is truly durable and last you for years. Besides, café is always a high traffic area and hence calls for something very sturdy. Do you plan to have an outdoor section? That’s cool but an outdoor setting also means exposure to extreme weather elements. So, be careful to get something robust.

However, you must make sure the chairs and tables are lightweight too. Your café needs regular cleaning more than once a day. Heavyweight furniture is difficult to move around and will compromise with the cleaning quality.

Stackable furniture

It’s always a smart idea to get stackable furniture for your café. They are easy to pile on to clear the space while cleaning. While buying furniture, you must keep in mind the comfort of your employees too.

Final words


Last but certainly not the list- make sure your chosen café chairs and tables carry a solid warranty. Once again, café is a high traffic place and accidents are not uncommon. Such mishaps might damage your furniture at times and deal a severe blow to your treasure. A reasonable warranty promise from the furniture company is just the thing you would need here.  

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