Marilyn Monroe’s infamous wink to Chanel No5 was undoubtedly a landmark in perfume history. Already a renowned fashion label at the time, Monroe’s risqué reference (“I only wear Chanel No5 to bed”) was enough to establish the iconic status that No5 still holds.

Today, fragrance launches from the likes of YSL and Dior spare no budget. With celebrity and artistic collaborations, the mini-movies and couture photoshoots that accompany the latest perfume offerings are an art form of their own.

Behind the glitz and glamour of the marketing lies a thriving industry that any savvy fashion label would want to tap into. It explains why fashion powerhouses have spent the past century fine-tuning the art of encapsulating their brand vision and identity into a scent.

Keen to offer their fans a variety of exciting perfume offers, the following luxury designers have turned their talented hands to creating the perfect scent, and given us some of the most popular fragrances around.

Take a look …

Tom Ford

A master of the modern classic when it comes to clothing, his perfume range is much the same.  With some of the sleekest packaging around they look as fresh as they smell.

A captivating fragrance library of over 55 scents, every item from the collection promises to deliver a unique but sophisticated blend of oriental and amber notes.

Black Orchid, for instance, is one of the newest additions to the Tom Ford beauty family, although it was almost overshadowed by a controversial nude campaign fronted by Cara Delevingne. An alluring and sensual mix of black orchids and spice, it’s already one of Tom Ford’s bestsellers.

Yves Saint Laurent

A brand known for celebrating fashion design – notably bringing in creative director Hedi Slimane to revive its Haute Couture line – it’s also managed to establish itself as a respected leader in the beauty industry as well.

With lots of star cosmetic products like the cult favourite Touche Eclat under its belt, YSL clothing and beauty lines are managed with equal priority and care.

Mon Paris is the newest fragrance from YSL, but it’s not just a traditional floral perfume – white musk and patchouli notes make it a bold and exciting choice.

Jimmy Choo

Confident and fashion forward, Jimmy Choo understands the personality and lifestyles behind its customers.

They’ve also managed to translate this to their range of perfumes. With fun, glitzy packaging, Jimmy Choo Flash was an instant bestseller.

The latest release, Illicit, offers a more sophisticated scent that still has the signature punchiness of the brand.

Vera Wang

Renowned for her elegant and feminine style, Vera Wang dresses have graced all manner of celebrities.

Her bridal range is of particular note, and her most popular scents certainly incorporate the over-the-top glamour of a wedding in their striking and girly packaging.

Pink guava and mandarin form the basis of Lovestruck, and though there are lots of special edition variations, the original is still the best.



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