As a designer, it’s important to be prepared for various styles and items that your clients might have — guns are a long-time popular appliance that many Americans like to have in their homes. In fact, according to conclusions discovered by The Washington Post, the average gun owner now has eight guns, which is double what it used to be. So if your client is one of these people, how can you incorporate all these guns into your designs? Let’s take a look at some creative ways guns can be displayed to not only fit but complement a room.

1. Coffee Tables

As a staple in most common areas and family rooms where decorations and displays are commonly found, coffee tables have multiple uses. Not only can they hold your coasters and books, but this piece of furniture can be a great place to display a gun collection. You could try finding or creating a piece that has a protected glass top, and displaying the guns within the table so they are visible from the top. Or, why not get really creative and use the guns as a centerpiece on the coffee table? It could be a stand-out feature and exude a distinct style. Be sure to find a coffee table that uses a strong material or protected glass alternative to ensure that it is secure and not easily broken.

2. Traditional Display Cases

It may seem obvious, but traditional display cases are an easy and creative way to work a gun display into a room. From a designer’s perspective, they’re great because they offer a lot of flexibility — you can pick various colors, styles, sizes, types of wood — allowing you to easily incorporate it into your existing room concepts and make it a really aesthetically pleasing feature. Display units can also be standing or even mounted on a wall, and vary in price range so you have a number of options depending on your needs. It can be difficult to ensure security when it comes to traditional display cases, so try and look into glass alternatives that are less easily broken or designs with beams or bars that provide extra reinforcement and locks to secure the door.

3. Hidden Gun Units

If making the guns part of the room and displaying them loud and proud is not necessarily what is wanted, there are various little design tricks you can use to store them safely. In-wall cabinets, for example, are a popular way to store guns without people knowing they’re there; you could try creating a feature piece on the wall or a painting that is actually a secret cabinet and keep the guns in there. Another great trick is to store them in cabinets behind furniture, like behind your vanity mirror, in the back of your closet or at the bottom of your couch. Not only is this a great space saver, but it also ensures that the weapons are not easily accessible to strangers or children.

Incorporating firearms into your design and decoration ideas can be tricky, however there are a number of creative ways to store them and show them off. Try and experiment with different ideas and always make sure they stay safe and secure.

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